Vipul Organics Limited, the BSE listed (VIPULORG / 530627) leading Specialty Chemicals company in the pigments and dyes segment, today announced their annual results.

 Some of the key highlights are:

  • Total Revenues at 13,515.98 Lakh, up 12.87% YoY on a Standalone basis and up 13.65% on a Consolidated basis
  • Annual PAT marginally up, despite pressure of increased cost of raw materials
  • QoQ PAT grew by 47% +
  • YoY Quarterly PAT grew by 30% +
  • During the year company issued bonus shares in the ratio of 1:4
  • Company announces a dividend of 9% on each share

Financials at a glance:                                                                              

Annual Results: (Rupees in Lakhs except EPS)




YoY Change

Total Revenue  13,515.98     13,515.9811,975.01   11,892.75Up 12.87%Up 13.65%
EBDITA1,662.251,660.681,672.531,674.04Down 0.61%Down 0.80%
PAT      698.56           696.83      685.53            685.25 Up 1.9%Up 1.69%
EPS5.715.706.036.03Increase in share capital due to Bonus Issue in the ratio of 1:4
Paid Up Capital1024.951024.95954.95954.95

 Quarterly Results: (QoQ)  (Rupees in Lakhs except EPS)

 Q4Q3QoQ Change
Total Revenue    3,904.70        3,904.703,119.81     3,119.81Up 25.16%Up 25.16%
EBDITA507.74507.22403.36403.07Up 25.88%Up 25.84%
PAT222.91222.36151.49151.16Up 47.15%Up 47.10%
Paid Up Capital1024.951024.95991.55991.55

Quarterly results (YoY) (Rupees in Lakhs except EPS)

 Q4, 2021-22Q4, 2020-21YoY Change
Total Revenue    3,904.70         3,904.70 3746.503747.29Up 4.22% Up 4.20 %
EBDITA507.74507.22460.66454.40Up 10.22%Up 11.62 %
PAT222.91 222.36171166.23Up 30.36%Up 33.77%
Paid Up Capital1024.951024.95954.95954.95

Commenting on the results, Mr. Vipul Shah, Managing Director, Vipul Organics Limited, said: “We faced headwinds in the form of increasing raw material costs due to global crisis. The Pandemic also affected our working as we were not able to utilise our production capacities to the optimal for the entire year. However, we are on track and have added new clients during the year and have a strong pipeline of orders.”

Speaking on the future outlook for Vipul Organics, Mr. Vipul Shah added: “We are targeting a CAGR of 25% in revenues in the coming years and are confident that barring unforeseen circumstances, we will achieve this. We have undertaken major capex over the last couple of years but were not able to take advantage of the increased production capacities due to the Pandemic and Global crisis that we are facing now. We will see the full impact of the increased capacities this year and going forward. We are currently working at 70-80% of our installed capacity and plan to increase this to around 90%. Our product mix is also undergoing a change and we are constantly trying to reach up the value chain. We are also exploring other overseas market besides the 50+ countries that we are already exporting to. We will see a margin expansion due to these efforts.”

Vipul Organics is celebrating its 50th year of operations. To commemorate this and recognize the support of all stakeholders, the company has issued bonus shares in the ratio of 1:4 and also declared a ESOS (Employee Stock Option Scheme) for its employees.