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US FDI surpasses USD 40 billion

Published: July 18, 2020
Author: munimji

According to the US India Strategic and Partnership Forum, the Foreign Direct Investment from the US to India has surpassed 40 billion reflecting the growing economic relations and confidence of American companies in India and its leadership.

In recent weeks alone, the announcement of the FDI into India has been over USD 20 billion, he said, referring to the announcements made by some of the top companies like Google, Facebook, and Walmart.

“Investors’ confidence in India is high. India still remains a very promising market for global investors. If you look at the USD 20 billion… not just the US, but (investment) has also come from other geographies such as the Middle East and the Far East.

“Year to date investment from the US, including the recent ones, is over USD 40 billion,” Aghi said.

The USISPF has been working with New Delhi to bring in FDI into India… playing a key role in encouraging American companies planning to move their bases out of China, he said, adding that the move was going on in the last three years of the Trump administration, but gained momentum during the coronavirus pandemic.

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