According to Gujarat’s industries minister Balvantsinh Rajput, the state has become a national leader in economic development thanks to the government’s business-friendly policies.In industries like textiles, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, diamonds, and others, he claimed Gujarat is the state that performs best overall.

The minister claimed that 33% of the nation’s exports come from Gujarat when discussing the budgetary requests of the state industries and mining department in front of the assembly. Gujarat is rated top in the nation for industrial production, accounting for 18.14 percent of the total, according to Rajput. He claimed that the manufacturing industry had benefited from a sizable portion of the state’s GDP. The industries and mining department received a budget of Rs 8,589 crore from state finance minister Kanubhai Desai.

Regarding Gujarat’s percentage “Gujarat has got Rs 18 lakh crore FDI in the last eight years, and this is 57% of the total Rs 32 lakh crore FDI that the country has received in this period,” Rajput said of the FDI the country has received. Gujarat made up 8.27% of the nation’s GSDP (gross state domestic product) in 2020–21 despite having only around 5% of the population and 6% of its area.

The minister cited statistics from the Union and said that between 2010 and 2022, Gujarat registered 16.3% of all investment intentions, totaling Rs 14 lakh crore. He continued by saying that the industrial aid programmes known as Atmanirbhar had also garnered positive feedback. A number of businesses have MoUs with the state government. to establish offices in various industries across the state.

He said that the mining department makes extensive use of technology to stop unlawful mining. The minister also mentioned new routes connecting Keshod, Porbandar, and Ahmedabad in his remarks on civil aviation.