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Lindström continues South India investment, opens new Cleanroom Facility in Hyderabad

Published: November 9, 2023

Hyderabad, Nov 8, 2023Lindström India, a 100% subsidiary of the Finnish Lindström Oy, a global textile rental company providing workwear and cleanroom workwear services has reinforced its confidence in the South India market, by opening its 2nd cutting-edge cleanroom facility and relocation of a larger, modern, state of the art, workwear facility in Hyderabad, Telangana.

This opening is also significant as Lindström is expected to double its workwear capacity in Telangana. This is reminiscent of the company’s high growth in India which has further bolstered its investments for expanding its operation. With the inauguration of this facility, Lindstrom now oversees 11 workwear and 2 cleanroom business units throughout India, boasting 2.3 million garments pieces in circulation in India. Globally, it is close to 13 million garments, all service lines together: 21 million pcs of textiles.

Guest of Honor Shri Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary of Industries & Commerce and Information stated, “The presence of this facility will become a crucial enabler for various industries. Hyderabad is not just a life sciences hub for the country but also for the world. It supports one-third of the world’s vaccines, and a total of 9 billion vaccine doses originating from Hyderabad, and this number is set to increase to 14 billion doses. Products, vaccines, and pharmaceuticals are exported to over 90 countries, meeting the highest compliance standards. There are 258 US FDI-approved manufacturing facilities in the region. The consciousness of ESG standards, regulatory compliance, and quality is exceptionally high, with no margin for error in this space. The Government of Telangana is also actively promoting local manufacturing of electronics chips, and these facilities will be established soon. Multiple lines of businesses will seek Lindström’s support in making their operations impeccable.”

While inaugurating the new facility His Excellency, AmbassadorMr. Kimmo Lahdevirta, Embassy of Finland said “This latest state-of-the-art facility in Hyderabad is equipped with the latest advancements in cleanroom technology, ensuring the integrity of processes within, particularly in industries like healthcare and pharmaceuticals. These cutting-edge technologies will enable Lindstrom India to provide impeccable service to its clients, adhering to stringent quality and safety standards, and contribute to the overall growth of the industry.”

During the inauguration, Juha Laurio, President & CEO, Lindström Group, stated, “Hyderabad was a natural choice, given its strategic importance and the surging demand for our services in the region. This growing demand aligns seamlessly with our vision of leading the industry, and we remain fully committed to providing comprehensive solutions to our customers across various sectors.”

Globally, aside from India, Lindström has cleanroom facilities in China, Finland and Turkey.

Lindström had earlier launched its cleanroom facility in Pune in 2018. The company employs more than 900 skilled professionals in India.

Anupam Chakrabarty, Senior Vice President, Asia, Lindström Group opined, “Our business in India, where we have been operating for more than 15 years now, is growing steadily and our services cover almost the entire geography of the country. With our high growth rate in India, we are happy to continue to invest in expanding our operations in the future as well.”

Jayant Roy, Managing Director for India, emphasizing the company’s dual commitment to corporate growth and local community employment, said, ‘This expansion is about more than just corporate growth; it’s about creating meaningful job opportunities within the local community. We take pride in welcoming new colleagues and providing valuable employment in the region. Furthermore, this expansion underscores our capacity to meet the surging demand for our services, thus supporting a wide range of industries in Southern India.”

Spanning over 3 acres the facility aims to meet the increasing demand in the region for Lindström’s services in critical industries such as pharmaceuticals, food processing, healthcare, electronics, and automobiles. This move solidifies Lindström’s position as India’s exclusive provider of organised workwear services.

The launch of a state-of-the-art cleanroom facility in Hyderabad holds immense significance for Lindstrom India and the Lindstrom Group. Cleanroom facilities are specialized environments designed to maintain a meticulously controlled level of cleanliness, essential for industries like healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and electronics. These facilities play a pivotal role in ensuring product quality, research integrity, and safety.

Lindstrom’s latest facility in Hyderabad is equipped with the latest advancements in cleanroom technology, ensuring the integrity of processes within, particularly in industries like healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and electronics. These cutting-edge technologies will enable Lindstrom India to provide impeccable service to its clients, adhering to stringent quality and safety standards, and contribute to the overall growth of the industry.

“Lindström’s presence in India serves as a case study for the successful implementation of Finnish innovations in a foreign market. Their commitment to quality and sustainability is not just a company policy but reflects a broader Finnish ethos, which has resonance and application in India’s diverse industrial landscape”, concluded AmbassadorMr. Kimmo Lahdevirta, Embassy of Finland.

In 2020, Lindström set a goal of recycling 100% of its textile waste. In India, the company has already reached this goal and globally it is now recycling around 80% of its textile waste. This year, Lindström’s targets of halving its greenhouse gas emissions in the entire value chain by 2030 and reaching net-zero by 2050 were approved by the Global Science Based Targets initiative.

About Lindström India

Lindström India is a 100% subsidiary of Lindström Group, a Finnish workwear service company. Established in 2007, the company clothes more than 750,000 people on a daily basis across India .and over two million people globally. Headquartered in Mumbai, Lindström India has service centers in 11 cities including Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Panchkula, Vadodara, Vizag, Tinsukia & Pune.

Lindström Group

Globally, Lindström serves 250,000 customers in 23 countries across Europe and Asia. It provides end-to-end workwear solutions, starting at providing appropriate workwear as per the requirements of the company and then ensuring that employees always have sufficient clean and well-maintained workwear available.

Lindström is a family-owned textile service company whose business is based on a circular economy. With over 5,000 dedicated employees, we offer responsible and easy-to-use textile services to our customers in Europe and Asia. We provide our customers with safe and hygienic solutions to ensure the best possible customer experience. In 2022, the Lindström Group’s turnover was EUR 496.4 million.

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