Time has come to press hard button to give recognition & importance of textiles & apparel  industry to the Indian government and especially understand the importance of textile  ministry. 

One side we are showing a very high population as our biggest strength and putting it on canvas to paint a bigger picture to the entire world and on the other side our basic strength of supplying textiles and apparels and creating huge jobs through this industry is neglected by the Indian government for many years.  

We are exporting yarn for many years and showing our weakness by not converting this  important raw material into garments. For how many years we can just be a convertor at  bottom of the value chain? Time has come to fold our sleeves and use our smartness to  take a larger pie.  

Somehow, as a hard core textile consultant and understanding the strength our Indian  government possess to expand our wings to take global market. Why is it not considering  Textile & Apparels?  

One more point is that Indian Government should not get pressed with the fibre policies  within our country and go all the way for value addition and extend support for all the  fibres in whatever way it can. ATUFS or PLI scheme it should be designed to support all  sectors of textile & apparel industry. This will clear all the clouds in the minds of the  industry players and I am sure we can see golden light flourishing our industry.