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VEOCEL™️ collaborates with beauty & feminine care brands to launch carbon neutral products in Asia Pacific 

Published: December 8, 2023

VEOCEL™ continues to usher the industry towards carbon neutrality by encouraging brands and value  chain partners to switch from harmful raw materials to responsible alternatives to achieve carbon emission  goals  

Personal care products produced using carbon neutral1 VEOCEL™ Lyocell fibers have been launched by  BRIDGE 24/7 and Yejimiin for the first time in facial sheet masks and sanitary napkins across Asia Pacific 

Lenzing – VEOCEL™, the flagship specialty nonwovens brand of Lenzing Group, has reached new  partnership milestones with leading beauty and feminine care brands in the Asia-Pacific region, including Taiwanese skincare brand BRIDGE 24/7, Korean feminine care brand Yejimiin, and a global healthcare and  beauty retailer, to launch responsible personal care products made of carbon neutral1 VEOCEL™ Lyocell  fibers. The extended partnerships highlight VEOCEL™’s commitment in driving the industry-wide shift from  using fossil-fuel based materials to planet-friendly raw materials, reducing the overall carbon footprint of the  nonwoven industry value chain. 

Through a recent partnership with Korean feminine care brand Yejimiin, which introduced feminine care top  sheets made of carbon neutral VEOCEL™ Lyocell fibers, VEOCEL™ demonstrated the versatility of the fiber,  which can be used across beauty, skincare, and hygiene care products. 

“In recent years, Korean consumers have become more proactive in choosing brands which are socially  responsible. They are not only interested in what the material of the product they purchased is made of, but  also how the product is produced. Riding on this trend, our collaboration with VEOCEL™ to launch feminine  care products made of carbon neutral VEOCEL™ fibers will encourage consumers to look out for planet friendly alternatives and join us to protect the environment,” said Daisy Lee Koeun, Marketing Team Leader, Yejimiin

1 Carbon neutrality is achieved by balancing remaining GHG emissions through verified compensation measures (e.g., reforestation) and by retiring carbon credits so that the impact of global warming  from human-related industrial and agricultural activities is calculated to zero. 

“We are proud to work with leading personal care brands to address the growing consumer demand for high quality, functional, and responsible products,” said Steven Tsai, Senior Regional Commercial Director for  Nonwovens Asia, Lenzing. “Our partnerships with BRIDGE 24/7, Yejimiin, and healthcare and beauty  retailers represent not only our unwavering commitment to empower partners in the region to achieve their  carbon emission goals, but also demonstrate how VEOCEL™ fibers, which are gentle on skin and certified as  clean and safe, are the trusted ingredients that support the sustainable evolution of personal care products.” 

Versatile VEOCEL™️ fibers address growing industry need for planet-friendly alternatives VEOCEL™ has expanded its co-branding portfolio through the collaboration with Taiwanese skincare brand  BRIDGE 24/7 to introduce the first-in-Taiwan market facial sheet mask using carbon neutral VEOCEL™ fibers.  “Our partnership with VEOCEL™ enables us to differentiate ourselves from other industry players with high quality certified carbon neutral fibers,” said Wallace Liu, CEO, BRIDGE 24/7. “As we advance into an ageing  society, we believe the demand for personal care products such as invisible and thin adult diapers and sanitary  pads that are soft on the skin will continue to grow. Being a brand that cares for consumers’ personal needs, it  is essential for us to join hands with VEOCEL™ to recognize the importance of sustainability in everyday  products and raise awareness of consumers or retailers around environmentally friendly options in the market.” 

In addition, the VEOCEL™ brand has also teamed up with a global healthcare and beauty retailer to launch the  latest facial sheet mask product using 100% carbon neutral VEOCEL™ branded lyocell fibers.  

Advancing solutions to drive carbon reductions in the nonwoven industry remains a priority in 2024 VEOCEL™ continues to usher the industry towards carbon reductions by encouraging companies to switch from harmful raw materials to responsible alternatives. 

“Adhering to VEOCEL™’s commitment as a ‘responsible care brand’, we will continue to further reduce the  environmental and climate impact of our fibers, providing brands and consumers with solutions for responsible product options. We will also walk hand-in-hand with our partners on their journey in pursuit of a carbon neutral  industry value chain,” added Steven. 

VEOCEL™ believes low-carbon and environmentally responsible products are the future of the nonwoven  industry, adhering to Lenzing’s science-based targets commitment to limit global warming. As a part of the  journey towards net zero, VEOCEL™ offers carbon neutral lyocell fibers produced with reduced carbon  emissions, while unabated carbon emissions are offset by supporting climate projects (such as reforestation)  from the ClimatePartner portfolio, thus making a meaningful contribution to climate action. 

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