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The UK averages $8,289 Per Tonne for Synthetic Yarn Imports!

Published: October 13, 2023

According to INDEXBOX, the price of importing one tonne of synthetic yarn at CIF prices in the United Kingdom was $8,289 per tonne in June 2023. This represented a decrease of 1.50 percentage points compared to the previous month’s price.

The price of imports followed a path that was, for the most part, unchanging during the period under review. The most dramatic price increase happened in August 2022, when there was a stunning 26 per cent gain compared to the previous month, reaching a peak of US $ 9,524 per tonne. This was the month when prices reached their highest point.

From September 2022 through June 2023, the average price of imported goods remained marginally lower. There were noteworthy differences in the average prices set by the several countries that were the primary sources of synthetic yarn.

In June 2023, the price in Germany was the highest at US $ 33,483 per tonne, while the price in Indonesia was one of the lowest at US $ 2,686 per tonne.

During the twelve months beginning in June 2022 and ending in June 2023, Spain saw the most significant percentage increase in consumer costs, reaching 4.90 per cent. On the other hand, the pricing trends of other large suppliers were more unpredictable over this time.

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