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Textiles are smarter with Durak SilverPro conductive threads

Published: January 30, 2023

Durak Tekstil inspires smart textile solutions with Durak SilverPro conductive threads, which are developed and launched for various applications ranging from smart textiles to automotive, from safety wear to fashion and home textiles. 

Durak Tekstil, one of the leading manufacturers of industrial sewing and embroidery threads, continues to offer innovative solutions to the global market. The company has also become an important solution provider for electronics-based applications such as smart textiles and wearable technologies with its conductive threads. Durak SilverPro 12 and Durak SilverPro 40 conductive threads, which met the market in 2022, can be successfully used in dozens of different smart textile applications from the automotive industry to fashion, home textiles, work and safety wear and medical textiles.

Durak Tekstil Board Member and Marketing Director Yiğit Durak said that these threads, providing a certain level of electrical conductivity, make textile surfaces functional. Durak stated that our daily lives have started to change radically thanks to smart textiles and wearable technologies and disclosed: “A lot of information, especially our health and safety data, from calculating the number of steps we take to measuring calories, can now be obtained quickly through smart textile solutions. Advances in software and sensor technologies enable this process and, more importantly, these developments are complemented by conductive threads. Conductive threads carry electrical signals between sensors and actuators, much like veins carry blood through the body, leading to the generation of electronic data. In short, conductive threads are a must for smart textiles.”

Durak mentioned that work on conductive threads started in 2020, and that they conducted extensive technical R&D studies and field examinations for application areas. Stating that the company is moving forward rapidly with its experience in successfully combining conductive material and thread, Durak said: “The conductive material must not lose its properties or break during the spinning process. We managed to achieve the optimum spinning result we wanted with both our advanced production technology and research in the market. We broke new ground in Turkey with our Durak SilverPro 12 and Durak SilverPro 40 conductive threads, which we started to offer to the market in 2022. While different brands in the global market were already in production in this field, we became Turkey’s first local and national manufacturer and quickly started to gain significant advantages.”

Durak SilverPro conductive threads ideal for sewing and embroidery applications

Yiğit Durak noted that Durak SilverPro 12 and Durak SilverPro 40 conductive threads are produced in two different thicknesses according to the purpose of use and that both sewing and embroidery processes can be performed with these threads. He continued as follows: “Our Durak SilverPro conductive threads, which we produce from Nylon 6,6 type fiber, have passed the necessary quality, durability, processability and flexibility tests. With its thread counts and bobbin widths, it offers the desired efficiency in sewing and embroidery processes, and with its conductivity, it can apply its technical properties to surfaces such as fabrics, leather and composites. Our Durak SilverPro conductive threads, which prove themselves with fastness levels such as washing and perspiration, can maintain their functional properties for a long time. We are happy to offer the market an innovative product that we are very confident in.”

More comfortable and safe life with smart textiles

Yiğit Durak underlined that smart textiles have made a rapid entry into every stage of our lives and will show serious growth in the next decade, and shared the following market information on this subject: “As known, smart textiles have new functions other than apparel, covering and ornamentation properties of traditional textiles. Smart textiles that detect and react to changes in light, heat and pressure both increase the comfort of life and further improve safe living standards. The global smart textile market reached a value of 2.10 billion dollars in 2020, according to market research. The market is expected to grow by 25% annually until 2031 and surpass a value of $23.82 billion. The automotive textiles market is growing rapidly as electric cars, which are rapidly gaining recognition in the market and increasing sales figures, bring with them more digitalization. Automotive textiles, which accounted for a market of 29 billion dollars in 2021, is projected to increase by 3.2% annually until 2030. The share of smart applications in automotive textiles is increasing rapidly in parallel. The need for conductive threads is more important than ever for the realization of smart textile applications, whose use in daily life and industrial areas is increasing day by day. As Durak Tekstil, we offered a new solution to the global industry that is open to development. We will continue to innovate in conductive threads based on feedback from our customers’ applications and the market. When you wear a jacket that measures your body temperature and pulse, you will experience the confidence and comfort of knowing that this data is presented to you through Durak Tekstil threads. Durak Tekstil’s conductive threads offer new opportunities in voice transmission and new solutions integrated with LED technology, among other data transmissions.”

Durak announced that they will continue to introduce many new technical threads, especially conductive threads, to the market in 2023 and informed that the share of technical threads in their product portfolio and sales turnover will increase steadily. He concluded his words as follows: “As a well-established brand of 50 years, we will continue to offer the Durak experience to the market with our sustainable, technological and artistic products and strong vision. We focus on the products of the future and prepare our industry for the future with our R&D studies.”

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