RSWM has launched RSWM Edge Fresh yarns that are integrated with its latest odor elimination technologies. Odor-free clothes are built on the principle that odor is caused by microbial build-up. The RSWM Edge Fresh yarns integrate elements like coffee and silver fibers combining, comfort and breathability with odor elimination technologies. Since the yarns themselves inhibit any form of bacteria build-up, the property lasts throughout the garment life. Hence, EDGE Fresh yarns are used in a variety of textiles ranging from doctor’s gowns to gym wear, socks, and suits. “These are specifically useful for clothes worn by those people who are continuously exposed to pathogens like medical personnel, those traveling or working in the wild, or those that work in extreme heat or cold,” according to a company statement. Some of the garments manufactured using the EDGE yarn collection carry the RSWMEdge hang tags.