With GRS® accreditation, the RIFIL Group is introducing a new line of environmentally friendly worsted yarns called Infinity® that is manufactured with RegelTM, a recycled acrylic fibre. In January of this year, the new high-performance yarn will be introduced during the Pitti Filati trade expo in Florence, Italy.

RegelTM, a recycled acrylic fibre by RIFIL, is used to make Infinity®. A high-performing recycled yarn appropriate for all end uses is Infinity®. It is designed to maintain all of the essential qualities, including a natural hand-feel, rich hues, colour brightness, comfort performances, and transparency and traceability from waste to retail.

The largest producer of acrylic and Wool Blend Yarns in the world, RIFIL Group is situated in Romania and uses cutting-edge technology to produce high-quality products. REFIL produces 20,000,000 kg of thread annually for use in indoor and outdoor furniture, knitwear, outdoor and indoor fashion, and materials resistant to weather and sunshine. 

“I’m excited to introduce a line of environmentally friendly yarns created from recycled acrylic fibre. According to Olmo Falco, Group Manager of RIFIL Group, “This enables us to take a step in a circular path that helps save natural resources without sacrificing the performance of the end product. “We are aware that TAF is a component of the Circular Economy that forms the basis of the ABG Group’s sustainability strategy. Therefore, we have complete faith in their high-performance materials to provide Infinity® a new sustainable option for our clients, said Mr. Falco. 

We’re thrilled to see RIFIL transform RegelTM into high-performance and superior yarn. According to Tuhin Kulshreshtha, Head of Marketing, TAF, “REFIL’s knowledge and technology merging with RegelTM will push the development of high-performance Infinity® to positive transformation within the industry and customers’ expectations.”

RegelTM is produced from recycled acrylic waste and is functionally similar to acrylic fibre in terms of warmth, comfort, and brilliant colours. It is developed using an authentic and personal chemical recycling method. RegelTM is a bluesign® APPROVED and GRS certified acrylic fibre.