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Polylana’s latest partnerships are aimed at European knitters

Published: June 29, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali

The Movement, the Dutch firm behind the Polylana fibre, has partnered with its first two European spinners to produce a new line of sustainable knitting yarns.

Despite a tumultuous year, the Polylana fibre team claims to have carved a path into the public eye with a synthetic fur fibre that has all of the properties of acrylic but with a lower carbon impact.

50 percent recycled polyester and 50 percent modified polyester make up the fibre itself. It can be spun like recycled polyester, but the colouring process is what sets it apart, according to The Movement. Polylana fibre dyes similarly to acrylic, that is, at lower temperatures, resulting in lower energy emissions and better overall performance than the polyester dying process.

Based on LCA statistics for Polylana against acrylic per one kg undyed fibre, Polylana was found to utilise 76% less energy, 85% less water, and waste, resulting in a 19% reduction in CO2.

Polylana, for example, is still 50% virgin material, with the business hoping to reduce this to 90% recycled polyester and 10% virgin material by 2023.

The presence of the AWARE nano-molecule tracer and blockchain technology ensures that the fibre is fully traceable throughout the supply chain and into the completed product.

The Polylana fibre team intends to increase the reach of its knitting yarn business by expanding its spinner network to new ports, allowing manufacturers and retailers to buy and produce more locally than before.

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