Viscose staple fibre imports into India (HSN code 550410) have increased significantly in previous years. Once cotton prices reached a record high in April 2022, consumption shifted somewhat away from cotton and towards viscose, causing imports to soar to a new high last year. During the period of January through November 2022, India imported 93.071 million kg of viscose worth $221.348 million. In the first eleven months of 2022, imports of viscose surged in both value and volume by more than 50%.

From $103.535 million (48.384 million kg) in 2019 to $86.252 million (46.352 million kg) in 2020, India’s imports decreased. But they recovered in 2021, reaching $135.116 million (62.432 million kg). Previously, the nation imported $41.689 million kg of viscose for $94.833 million in 2018 and (27.725 million kg) in 2017. $66.253 million.

In India’s import of viscose during January to November 2022, Indonesia was the main provider, accounting for 29.57% of the total. According to TexPro, among the top five suppliers, Austria had a market share of 17.17%, Hong Kong 15.62%, China 10.68%, and Singapore 10.02%.