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Fulgar’s biodegradable yarn is used by a women’s bicycle company

Published: July 24, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali
Sher, an innovative high-performance cycling clothing company dedicated to women without sacrificing style, depends on Fulgar’s green portfolio for its current collection.
Cher, founded in 2019 by Sara Canali, a fashion and sports industry specialist, is reaffirming its ongoing commitment to developing textiles, materials, and methods that increase performance while minimising environmental effect.
Sher’s first capsule collection with a biodegradable focus, consisting of two cycling bib shorts for ladies and two gravel shorts, all created with the revolutionary Fitter fabric. The outcome of Solvay Group research in partnership with Fulgar, the market leader in innovative and eco-sustainable man-made yarns. Amni Soul can be properly disposed of in a dedicated anaerobic landfill, Eco biodegrades in about 5 years.
Cher has collaborated with Fulgar to produce a new line of high-performance cycling apparel. Cher’s Amni Soul Eco fabric degrades swiftly and completely while preserving the intrinsic qualities of a long-lasting product. The Sher line is stated to be suitable for all ladies seeking for a garment with outstanding performance (comfort and good moisture control) without neglecting eco-sustainability.

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