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Exporters demands 100% duty increase on MMF & Nylon yarn imports

Published: March 13, 2019

To curb the imports of Man-Made Fibres, MMF & Nylon yarns, the exporters has demanded 100% custom duty increase. The Local manufacturers urges to the government that they are suffering from the dumping of imported MMF textiles from countries like Vietnam , China and Bangladesh. In order to provide level-playing field to the indigenous manufacturers, they demands basic custom duty on polyester, viscose and others to be increased to 10% from the existing 5% and duty on nylon Fibres and yarns increased to 15% from
current 7.5%.

According to DGCI&S, the import of MMF yarn, fabrics and made-up together have gone up by 27 per cent and import of made-up staple Fibres increased by 19 per cent during April-July, 2018. The import of MMF textile has increased by almost 26 per cent in value terms at $869 million compared to $711 million in the previous year.

Sources said, China has been dumping their fabrics and ready-made garments in the Indian market through Bangladesh, Nepal, Vietnam. Domestic textile manufacturers and associations have warned the top authorities that the domestic industry would be extinct if dumping is not countered. With increase in imports of man-made Fibres and MMF based textiles into India, the industry is losing its competitive edge in the global market. They believe that with 100% increase in import duty, the domestic MMF textile segment will be safeguarded.

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