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DiloGroup at IDEA 2022, booth No. 4603 Miami, FL, USA March 28-31, 2022

Published: April 15, 2023

Dilo is the leading equipment supplier of complete lines for staple fibre nonwoven fabric  production.  

The most recent machine concepts from DiloGroup companies DiloTemafa, DiloSpinnbau and  DiloMachines will be promoted with the emphasis on new equipment components which  improve product quality, increase line capacity and also enable new opportunities in nonwoven  production.  

DiloTemafa will promote the improved bale opener series “Baltromix Pro” with design features  for the operating assistance with the I4.0 components “Bale Timer”, cleaning control, better  accessibility for maintenance and the “DI-LOWATT” system for energy savings in fibre  transport. The proven carding willow with modified workers and separate drives to create the  prerequisites for a good fine opening will also be part of the presentation as well as the fine  opening stage which may be installed over the material box of the new card feeder FRS-P to  achieve a high dosing accuracy in cross and longitudinal direction.  

DiloSpinnbau has a new “Unifeed” card feeder (VRS-P) which combines the principle of  volumetric charged feeding with the characteristics of a chute feeder but without the  conventional overhead trunk which allows for lower ceiling height requirement. The fibre flock  matt is condensed by a vacuum delivery apron to give better uniformity of mass distribution.  The distribution over the working width is controlled by additional flaps. This feeder can be  adapted for medium/fine, coarse/medium or long staple fibres.  

The “VectorQuadroCard” by DiloSpinnbau incorporates a modular transfer group between  breast and main section. The quick change facility of this roller group provides different  carding options. The delivery system is also flexible to provide parallel laid, random or  condensed web. The preopener section on this card has 4 worker/stripper pairs with five pairs  on the main cylinder. Emphasis is on high throughput with good web quality.  

The revised HypeLayer NT offered by DiloMachines presents the latest state-of-the-art  highspeed precision layering technique setting new standards which play an important role  especially in hydroentanglement lines. In this application, it is important to achieve layering  speeds up to 190 m/minute using sophisticated viscose fibres and a layering width of about 4  m while at the same time having a high layering precision in cross and longitudinal direction. 

DiloMachines will also present its portfolio to improve quality and reduce costs. The FutureLine  study “3D-Lofter” – first presented at ITMA 2019 in Barcelona – is part of this programme. In  this study individual web forming units can deposit fibre masses on freely programmable spots  in longitudinal and cross direction thus saving overall fibre mass in applications such as deep  moulded parts for the automotive interior. This ability reduces costs in production and  operation. The “IsoFeed” concept for a more even flock mat for direct cards and aerodynamic  web forming is another interesting field of web mat quality improvement.  

The high stitch distribution uniformity achieved by the new needle patterns “8000X” and  “6000X” is able to further improve surface quality.  

“Smart industry” which offers more transparency and control of the production process and the  operating conditions realized with the aid of software, internet and cloud is another tool to  make production more efficient. 

Developments underway relating to the needling process include “Needle Module Technology”  whereby needles are pre-mounted in multiple units of 22 for insertion into very high-density  boards. It is reducing visible marking patterns on the product surface significantly.  Furthermore, it enables a simplified needle insertion and shorter setup time. We look forward to seeing you at IDEA 2022, booth No. 4603, in Miami to discuss these  interesting topics with you personally.

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