Bari Textile Mills hopes to snare some of China’s market share in top-of-bed thanks to its new single-step quilt making technique. The manufacture’s new Thaumas quilt is made by feeding raw fibre – in this case, BCI cotton and recycled poly – into a jacquard loom that manufactures fabric which is fully quilted, embroidered and filled. Traditional quilt construction requires several steps: fabric manufacturing, filling, shell making and quilting. The one-step process uses fewer natural resources, less labor, less water and less space, resulting in a more sustainable end product, the company said.

“China has been the market leader in quilts and top-of-bed, but with pricing and contingency concerns, it puts Bari Textile Mills in the spotlight with a versatile range at competitive prices,” the company added.

The patent-pending process also enables a jacquard loom repeat for any design, something that is typically been limited to flatbed printing machines.

Bari Textile Mills has named the resulting product the “Thaumas quilt,” after the Greek god of wonder.

“It’s really a new generation of fabric,” said Farhan Noor, head of product development and design.