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Advance Denim launches matte denim collection leveraging matte TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers

Published: January 24, 2024

The collaboration showcases Advance Denim and TENCEL™’s shared commitment to bringing planet conscious denim solutions to consumers 

Lenzing – Lenzing Group, a leading global producer of wood-based specialty fibers, announced an exciting collaboration with China’s internationally recognized denim mill, Advance Denim, to use matte TENCEL™ Lyocell  fibers for their latest Denim Collection. As a long term partner for more than 15 years, this collaboration marks a  significant milestone in the pursuit of bringing planet-conscious denim solutions that combine style and comfort to consumers. 

Advance Denim was found in 1987 and has the distinction of being the longest-standing denim mill in China. It  supplies denim to renowned brands around the globe. The company built its reputation by creating beautiful, inventive denim styles that incorporate groundbreaking technologies with timeless indigo dye techniques. Denim  styles created by Advance Denim continue to evolve based on the mill’s understanding of the global market  trends, with sustainability and innovation being the centre of the business.  

Addressing the need for advanced fiber offerings in the denim sector 

“Sustainability and innovation have always been one of Advance Denim’s core beliefs. We continue to work  closely with our suppliers to apply the latest sustainable fiber technology to fabrics and bring denim products that  meet the demand for environmental protection practices while being stylish and comfortable at the same time.  Our long-term partner Lenzing shares the same values as us. Denim products that incorporate TENCEL™ 

branded fibers have a specific hand feel and sustainability edge that meet current market needs and have been  well received by consumers,” said Amy Wang, General Manager of Advance Denim. 

The TENCEL™ brand has long been recognized for its commitment to offering innovative and planet-friendly  fiber solutions 1that strive to enhance the adoption of responsible production 2 within the textile industry.  Leveraging resource-saving, closed-loop production process3, TENCEL™ fibers are naturally soft and smooth  to the touch and support a natural dry feeling through moisture control. The rollout of matte TENCEL™ Lyocell  fibers in 2021 provided denim manufacturers with a solution that enabled them to enjoy the ample tactile and  environmental benefits of TENCEL™ fibers, while also maintaining a matte finish on the end product.  

Meeting consumers’ need with products that address their stylistic and sustainability needs A matte finish is often sought out for denim applications as it is often associated with a sophisticated and versatile  aesthetic with the goal of creating a more contemporary look, appealing to consumers looking for fashion-forward  and modern denim styles.  

“Matte TENCEL™ fibers are an extremely important innovation for the denim sector as they address the need  for responsible denim made with less shine for a more vintage look. Many brands are currently looking for styles  that meet this criterion while also providing softness and drapability for wide-leg jeans. Matte TENCEL™ fibers  create the perfect mixture of performance and sustainability without sacrificing that true vintage indigo look,”  added Amy. “The matte denim in the ‘Denim Collection’, achieved by using matte TENCEL™ fibers, not only has  exceptional softness to the touch, but its fiber properties also make the denim more like traditional cotton jeans  after washing. This will enable the final garments to retain the intended retro style of the fabric.” 

Tapping into market trends to understand the needs of consumers 

“Investing in fiber innovation to increase the design versatility of our offerings, such as matte TENCEL™ fibers,  is a top priority for Lenzing, as it helps empower our brand partners in addressing the needs of the growing  number of conscious consumers,” said Dennis Hui, Global Business Development Manager, Denim at  Lenzing. “We are excited to build on our partnership with Advance Denim and combine our fiber solutions with  their vast reach in the textile sector to set new benchmarks for eco-conscious denim and drive positive change  in the fashion industry. 

Amy further added, “The entire denim industry is increasingly paying attention to sustainable and responsible  practices, and consumers are looking for products with a lower environmental impact. This includes the use of  natural or recycled materials and eco-friendly manufacturing processes. Brands that emphasize sustainability in  

1 TENCEL™ Lyocell and Modal fibers are certified with the EU Ecolabel for textile products (license no. AT/016/001) for  environmental excellence. 

2 The responsible production of TENCEL™ Lyocell and Modal fibers uses at least 50% less water and emits at least 50%  less CO2 compared to generic lyocell and modal fibers, according to Higg MSI, thereby saving precious resources for future  generations. Results based on LCA standards (ISO 14040/44) and available via Higg MSI (Version 3.7). 3 Savings consider solvent recovery.

denim production can capture the attention of environmentally-conscious consumers. The domestic market in  China, the United States and Europe will continue to be Advance Denim’s key target markets going forward and  considering the rapid growth of the fashion industry in Asia and rising sustainability awareness in Japan and  South Korea, for example, we see a lot of potential in these markets as well.” 

The “Denim Collection” hopes to redefine the denim landscape by embodying style, functionality, and  sustainability, in line with the commitments of both Advance Denim and the TENCEL™ brand. Stay tuned for  more updates on how the “Denim Collection” will be brought to market. 

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