The Swiss standard for physical traceability, Haelixa, has been authorised as a new signature by the steering committee for the Denim Deal. The Denim Deal is a global partnership between more than 50 private and public sector businesses dedicated to increasing the circularity of denim production.

Closing the value chain loop and bringing about change are the goals of The Denim Deal. The organisation, which has its headquarters in Amsterdam, is a model for efforts to create a circular economy with no textile waste. The company and its manufacturing partners promise to make 3 million pairs of denim jeans with 20% recycled post-consumer cotton and strive towards using 5% recycled post-consumer cotton in all upcoming denim collections.

Roosmarie Ruigrok oversees the Denim Deal’s coordination. where the goal is to bring together possible allies who have prioritised the road to circularity. She has spent more than 20 years working to make textiles more sustainable, and she is an expert at enlisting the right people to bring about change. A circular supply chain in the textile sector, according to Ruigrok, “is like a well-oiled machine – it ensures that every step of the production process operates well, from acquiring post-consumer materials to delivering well-made finished items to clients. We warmly welcome Haelixa, which provides a reliable traceability solution. It not only increases efficiency and profitability but also supports sustainable practises and develops trust among stakeholders.

The demand for recycled denim technology has increased over the past few years as brands are requested to support their statements on recycling. Fibers are marked and tracked using Haelixa’s proprietary DNA solution from source to retail. Haelixa backs up claims by analysing the finished product to confirm that the waste that was indicated by DNA is actually there. The Denim Deal is attempting to drive change in the production of denim. Changes to the operating standards are difficult to implement, and the veracity of repeated claims depends on traceability. Holly Berger, the marketing director for Haelixa, said, “We are committed to increasing the usage of recovered fibres through traceability and happy to join with this group. “The Denim Deal’s objectives help us realise our vision of a circular economy,”