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Few New Innovations In Fibers & Yarn 2018 Exhibition Mumbai

Published: June 21, 2018


Nimbark is known for its innovative product and in this exhibition we introduce the product which contains different types of polyester fibers & yarns. Its gives the feel of wool as well as warm effect, but it is much light in weight.

Our latest Linen innovation,  more cotton & less Linen used but it feel and look like 100 % Linen and it’s much more cooler then Linen specially for summer season.

Printed dyed yarns have been introduced in the exhibition, which is different and better than mélange yarns. Advantage can be Quantity , printed yarns can be serve with less quantity as compare to mélange yarn.

Winsome textile believe in Sustainable Fibres and fabrics, innovative collection like Fabrics give unique double shade effect in single structure, Fabrics give unique star like effect in galaxy,  Fabrics give unique SNOW ON A GRASS LIKE effect on fabric surface, Injection Slub Yarn, Jaspe Yarn, Sparkle & Shing Yarn, Solid Dyed Yarn.

Product development at Kapotex continues to be one of the key cornerstones that maintain its reputation as one of the world’s leading carpet yarn solution providers. Manufacturing facility is located in Sarigam Industrial Estate, neighboring Vapi in Gujarat, near the city of Mumbai Production facilities are contemporary with global standards.


Birla Cotsyn Introduced New Garment Brand as YVB (YASH VARDHAN BIRLA)

Birla Cotsyn first time launched its Garment brand YVB ie Yash Vardhan Birla in this exhibition. Birla Cotsyn is one of the giant yarn manufacturer had integrated forwarded and ventured into garment segment with YVB brand Suiting which have wide range of Men’s Blazers /Suits. Suits are made up of polyester & Viscose fibers.





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