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Warp-knitting machines with improved price-performance ratio and new textile products

Published: July 4, 2019

In the field of raschel machines a new RSJ 4/1 ON will be premiered at ITMA. Offering 50 % more working width at the same speed compared to its predecessor, this machine is highly productive and uniquely flexible. Thanks to the EL technology, it is possible to ensure a rapid pattern change and to produce patterns with long repeats. For the development of new articles, the innovative model takes full advantage of the integration into the KM.ON eco system. This machine is the first representative which in the product category k.innovation, provides optimum support for the virtual textile development commonly used today.

Under the LACE.EXPRESS trademark, KARL MAYER launched the OJ series in 2016, perfectly tailored to the special needs of the apparel market. At ITMA 2019, this manufacturer will now present a self-contained, complete 134″ machine platform for the intimate sector., The company will offer a B- (Back) version and a F-Jacquard (Front) version for each of the representatives. The special highlight of the system: the related models are compatible to one another. Every machine can be upgraded to the technical level of high-bar platform neighbours. Low-bar articles can be produced on high-bar machines without any adjustments. In this way, the customer benefits from highest flexibility. In Barcelona an OJ 91/1 B will be on show.

Besides, in its „Future of Textiles“ Application Show, KARL MAYER will be presenting extraordinary product developments, that require little effort during making-up but offer a lot of chic and function: well thought-out solutions for highly comfortable bras with few seams, a sporty body made from novel power lace with shaping and supporting effects as well as a swimsuit in lace look.

As far as the double raschel technology is concerned, KARL MAYER will show how a new RDPJ 6/2 EL machine can be used to open up a previously unknown product world. The outstanding warp-knits are marketed under 4D-KNIT.SOLUTIONS. They attract attention by pronounced, three-dimensional and manifold patternings on the outer sides, but they can also show open-work patterns, that are a clear advantage over competitive products of circular knitting. Eye-catching 4D-KNIT.SOLUTIONS articles can be seen in the „Future of Textiles“ area. A live machine demonstration will be organized to present the RDPJ 6/2 EL, 138ʺ, in a gauge of E 24.

As innovation in the field of tricot machines, KARL MAYER will be displaying the first three-bar HKS model with electronic guide bar control. The new HKS 3-M-ON offers the same performance in terms of speed and design variety as the previous version, but thanks to an innovative gear solution it is faster and simpler during pattern change. Instead of pattern disks, it is only necessary to exchange data. The required information can simply be downloaded to the machine from a secured cloud. In Barcelona, a HKS 3-M-ON, 180ʺ, in E 28, will demonstrate its flexibility during a performance show while working an eye-catching demonstration pattern, showing the interlinking of different lappings.

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