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Vibia introduces a lighting system made from a conductive textile ribbon

Published: May 24, 2022

German designer Stefan Diez has created a customisable lighting system for Barcelona-based lighting brand Vibia featuring a flexible textile track that is fastened like a belt. Called Plusminus, the system is made from a conductive fabric belt that various light fittings can be clipped onto.Plusminus is a customisable lighting system

It was designed to give architects and designers full flexibility over lighting schemes. The specially developed textile track, available in four colour finishes, can be hung loosely or pulled in tension to form the system’s structure.

A range of six lighting elements can be attached to the fabric belt using a clip-and-connect system of anchors and fixings. The elements, which include a sphere, semisphere, cone, spotlight, linear diffuser and linear low UGR, can be adjusted, attached, or removed as required. They can be used to create compositions of pendants, chandeliers, wall lights, ceiling track lighting, and space dividers that offer different levels of diffused or focused light.

The lighting system allows users to create their own lighting designs. “Plusminus breaks down the traditional distinction between decorative and architectural lighting by replacing it with a single system that gives design professionals full freedom to sketch with light,” said Vibia.

“When loose, the belt traces elegant compositions in space. In tension, the belt acquires an architectural presence that can function as a space divider or artistic installation in vertical configurations,” continued the brand. “Used horizontally the system suggests a suspended ceiling with light sources delimiting the height. Add a wire cable attachment and any numbers of configurations become possible.”

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