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The Role of the Supervisors in the Textile Industries (Weaving & Wet Processing)

Published: April 12, 2023

Introduction: The top management draws the policy decisions with respect to profit making, financial matters and more for the smooth running of the plants. It is the Supervisory staff who work as the middle management or the middlemen to the shop floor and who are the bones of the management

[2] The basic principles are to Follow the SOC/SOP prepared by the Management. 

The latest machines are designed with high speed, maximum automated and robot system, lowest power consumption by adopting electronics from electricals, developing better sensors for various detections, lowest manpower required, best quality product, versatile product, less cost of production, less floor space and higher profit making. 

In weaving and thereafter in wet processing to see that no Fabric is produced defective due to any process fault, to follow the Process Norms for the safety and pollution control system prepared by the Management. To handle the juniors, especially the machine operators, manpower for getting better work. He may need to handle the entire shift. 

Successful supervisors have excellent organisational and communication skills. These skills help them transfer information from upper management to employees and communicate their teams’ performance or needs to high-level managers. In most cases, supervisors are experts in their field and can efficiently manage daily operations as a result. They must have the following too. 

  • Expertise in team or department
  • Ability to remain calm under pressure
  • Firm grasp of company policies
  • Strong work ethics
  • Punctuality and time management skills
  • Professionalism and a positive attitude
  • Organizational abilities
  • Interest in leadership opportunities
  • Must have sufficient Technical Knowledge about the working conditions of the department. 
  • Must not be reluctant during duty hours, create examples among the workforce to whom you are handling. 
  • Have the Studies on latest development. 
  • Must not be just a boss but be a leader. 
  • He should be aware of the machineries in that shed. Their function, positive / negative sides, how to operate, it`s maintenance schedule and best of the outcome. 
  • He must be capable to direct, educate his juniors how best the looms can produce the best quality and production.
  • He should be aware of the qualities running in that shed, the count the types of fabrics and constructions.  
  • He must have the quality conception of the shed. What Management expects, what is the maximum possible outcome and why?
  • He must be aware of the day-by-day Production efficiency of the shed. He should be aware of what the target is achieved. If the target is not achieved, then why? How best the target can be achieved? 
  • He must know the fabric defect, their causes, and remedies. Should be able to guide the jobbers, Machine Operators, fitters how best the fabric defect can be minimised.
  • He should be aware about running maintenance, Preventive maintenance, and predictive maintenance so that the Maintenance Manager can get proper feedback to correct the machines before any major problems.
  • Proper Report preparation, record keeping, and feedback to Management are necessary for them.  
  •  Waste control, % waste generation, the causes and remedies should be aware of him.
  •  Proper housekeeping, it’s necessary, how to direct the concerned people should be known by him. 
  • His behaviour with juniors, transparency in directing, understanding the duties, responsibilities should be reflected so that the juniors learn a good working system. 
  • A hard-working man with determination, are also necessary for him so that he can create example with juniors who will follow him in a positive direction.   

[3] Know about the latest Development of the Industries where you are working. 

  • Visit Exhibitions, attend seminars, Conferences, meet the experts, take suggestions. 
  • Not to be so power hungry or demanding nature. Management does not like it. 
  • Do KRA (key result Areas) projects and prove your worthiness and abilities to the managements 
  • Stop any wastages in electricity, water, steam, chemicals, 
  • Proper housekeeping is a must. Bad floors can create accidents.
  • Proper recording and record keeping is a must.  
  • To Follow the Process Control Activities prepared by the management. An efficient supervisor can add value to these matters.

[4] The Wet Process: The following activities are involved in short 

  • Scouring
  • Neutralization
  • Dyeing (Using diapers Dyes) 
  • Reduction clearing if dark Shaded
  • Checking the Dyed fab
  • Finishing on Stenter mc.
  • Packing & Despatch. 

>>In each case you must be very much vigilant to avoid any unnecessary Waste (fabric down gradations, hard or soft waste) chemicals, pollution control. 

Must be aware of the ETP system in the Dyeing Unit 

[5] The problem solution methods 

      Sometimes, from the floor level to the Senior Officers get knocked down for not knowing the immediate solutions in case there is any problem raised during running the industries. It can be high production Cost, low production rate, higher down gradations, high cost of maintenance, disruptions of any process flow, even increased rate of absenteeism, new product development as per the market demands. 

   In general, the officers try to solve problems by consulting the Experts within the Plant or from the outside, visit other industries who face similar problems, Research Institutes are invited, take trials on assumption basis and most of the time they try to resolve on their own and invite more troubles.  

     Hence the below suggestions are offered. While at Plant stage, must not take any hasty decisions as “haste make waste”. There are some ways to step into the solutions. (1) Brainstorming (2) Fish bone Analysis (3) PDCA.

   All the methods are not common for any similar problem. For every problem, there can be a separate way as described below. 

(1) Brainstorming 

(2) Fish Bone Analysis 

(3) PDCA Circle 


  1. The duty of the Supervisory Staff is enormous.
  2. They are the bridge between the Managements and floor level people.
  3. The Management decides Mission, Vision & Strategic Planning, the junior executives implement it.
  4. Strong technical Capacity, willing to do the work make the Junior executives successful.
  5. During the Studies in the College, proper learnings, Industry visits, Sincere project works, will help you to become a Perfect Officer.
  6. There is no place for the timid and Excuse giving officers.
  7. “Yes, I will do” is the right way.
  8. For any problem, not to give up. Try to solve it through an analytical way. 

By. B. Basu

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