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Reliance Industries Unveils Revolutionary HexaRel Fabric Technology

Published: January 30, 2023

HexaRel, the newest invention from Reliance Industries Limited in India, was unveiled at Tecoya’s Fibres & Yarns Exhibition at Jio World Convention Centre in Mumbai. In a single fabric or garment, HexaRel, a revolutionary upgraded fabric technology, delivers a special combination of qualities. It provides a wide range of practical advantages for producing textiles for the home and clothing, satisfying the needs of modern, young consumers.

Superior thermal conductivity, incredible moisture management, and a host of additional features make textiles with HexaRel technology enabled feel comfortable and hygienic to the wearer. According to a press release from Reliance, the main advantages of clothing made from HexaRel include cool to the touch, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, mosquito repellent, anti-odour, antistatic, better water absorption and wicking, thermal regulating effect, and ultraviolet protection without compromising the hand-feel, texture, and visual aspects of the final fabric.

HexaRel-based fabrics and clothing are multipurpose, responsive, and adaptive due to the combination of its six distinct advantages. HexaRel debuted its thorough, well-researched Trend Direction effort for Spring-Summer 2024 (SS 2024), dubbed Shift, at Tecoya’s Fibres & Yarns Exhibition to assist its downstream customers and their upcoming product development.

The goal of compiling these trend directions is to provide downstream fabric and garment makers with ideas for long-term product development while incorporating future design movements and retail and brand expectations for consumer behaviour.

HexaRel SS 2024 is captured in the current Shift’s sneak peek. Glam Sports and ALL DAY ACTIVE (ADA) are two significant fashion trends that will influence SS24 and beyond, according to the release.

Activewear and high fashion are combined in Glam Sports, which has a futuristic vintage aesthetic and borrows elements from both. ADA is all about comfort and tough looks that readily transition from workwear to special occasion apparel while accommodating the Shift. An active lifestyle benefits greatly from HexaRel’s moisture control and anti-odor qualities.

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