Recovo grows in circularity and launches its new category of “Materials of the Future” with innovative and beneficial compositions for the environment by PersiSKIN 

PersiSKIN joins the international marketplace Recovo to market its innovative vegan leather, a textile substitute for animal skin made from surplus persimmon crops 

This alliance arises from the commitment of both companies to offer innovative solutions to production surpluses, which allow extending the useful life of materials following the principles of the circular economy 


Next-Gen materials, or materials with innovative compositions, continue to grow and occupy more and more space in the fashion industry. This new current, which is already beginning to establish itself, comes to provide a solution to the environmental needs of the textile industry, giving rise to innovative products and associations. 

United by their commitment to the use of surplus materials, PersiSKIN and Recovo have decided to partner to lead and consolidate the fight against waste, a value shared by both companies. As Mónica Rodríguez, CEO of Recovo, explains, “the use of waste allows us to preserve the planet’s natural resources and prolong the useful life of materials by creating collections with less impact.” 

For his part, Jaime Sanfelix, CEO of PersiSKIN, explained that “in the agri-food industry it is also a challenge to use and dispose of surplus product that is not marketed. In the case of PersiSKIN, we propose a solution for the surplus of persimmon from the Valencian fields through the manufacture of a vegan textile that replaces animal and synthetic skin made up of 85% natural products”. The synergy between both companies will make it possible for Recovo users to find this new fabric on its digital platform from January to carry out more sustainable productions. 

PersiSKIN, vegan leather made from persimmons 

“In the last five years the persimmon harvest has had an exponential evolution, causing production to increase at exorbitant levels. This has produced that currently more than 50% of the annual production becomes surplus that is not marketed”, explained Sanfelix. This has been the main engine that has led the company to launch this new product. 

With an investment of 2 million euros and with the participation of AITEX, a national reference center for research and innovation, this step is part of its international marketing strategy through the Recovo reference platform.

Materials of the future’, one more step towards circularity by Recovo 

Recovo’s new product category is the result of continuing its mission to make fashion a more circular industry. Also known as Next-Gen fabrics, these materials have innovative and environmentally beneficial compositions. 

Designed to replace tissues of animal origin or based on fossil fuels, these innovations come from various materials, such as wood pulp, seaweed or persimmon in the case of PersiSKIN. 

This launch represents the platform’s first foray outside of deadstock, offering on-demand materials that have a better impact on the planet.