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Knit Graduates Showcase Their Creative Collections:

Published: July 16, 2020
Author: Manali bhanushali

The course provided by the college has the breadth of vision and individuality which is exemplified in these graduate collections, designed by students who navigated the impacts of lockdown through intuitive problem solving.
Various collections have been showcased by the students some of which are mentioned below.

Seth Hutchinson: ‘Somewhere in England’
“Somewhere in England places focus on textural and functional design, through the lens of industrial and societal changes during the 20th century. Prioritising British sourcing and production, it implements resourceful craftsmanship, manifesting as contemporary menswear garments.”
Inspired by textures within British landscapes, ‘Somewhere in England’ is a collaborative collection between Seth and fellow LCF graduate Rob Hallett (BA Fashion Design Development). Solely responsible for the knitwear, Seth designed 3 garments. Colour pulled from the English countryside combined with wool, cashmere and merino yarns to communicate a natural narrative. Seth was grateful for the support Xinao yarns in their yarn sponsorship for some of his fabrics.
Purposefully displaying the diversity of his skills, Seth approached traditional techniques such as stitch transferring with a technical mind-set but a creative eye.

Other Collections included:

Zhiwei Hong: ‘Knit, as a unit’
Zhiwei’s ambition of product merging is realised within ‘Knit, as a unit’ through analysing knitted structures and intervening through stitch (unit) creation using 3D printing.

Urmila Rai: ‘Irregularities’
Approaching knitwear unconventionally, Urmila’s multi gauge textiles lead garment silhouettes through draping processes. ‘Irregularities’ began with research into the lyrical, geometric works of artist Anna Maria Maiolino, which informed Urmila’s own large-scale free and fluid drawings.

Lian Liu: ‘En Route’
Lian’s graduate collection comprises of 3 capsule collections, each featuring a different approach to fabric manipulation. ‘Liquefied’ explores fluidity in materials, whilst ‘Creased Chaos’ explores accidental encounters produced through heat pressing fabrics. The third capsule ‘Coated knits’ explores adding additional layers to knits, defining her collection with a truly mixed media approach.

Providing opportunity to see the work of many more of their class of 2020, LCF will be participating in the UAL virtual collaboration showcase created by IBM, launching on the 27th of July.

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