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Isco’s latest demonstration

Published: October 13, 2021
Author: Manali bhanushali
BURSA, South Africa – ISKO has introduced R-Two 50+, the latest iteration of the company’s fabric that contains at least 50% recycled material.
R-Two was launched nearly two years ago, with the company claiming that the use of recycled polyester and which was before cotton waste aided its sustainability objectives.
ISKO claims that by increasing the volume of’sustainable’ textiles in R-Two 50+, it is reducing its consumers’ relying on natural assets, reducing the carbon footprint by up to 45 percent and water usage by 65 percent.
The motivation for developing one such new fabric was to improve on the original R-Two material’s sustainable supply chain qualifications.
While the version presented at Achievement Occasions in 2019 merged both recycled polyester and re-used the 10% of cotton lost during the spinning stage, R-Two 50+ goes a step further, incorporating a minimum of 50% of such materials.
According to ISKO, the end result is a material “engineered for less energy consumption, less water, less materials, and less effluents” that meets the Global Recycled Standard qualifying criteria.
“We are immensely proud of R-Two 50+ and our progressions that start a new horizon of professionalism,” says Ebru zküçük, ISKO’s head of sustainability. “Our vision extends beyond the use of low-impact materials to ISKO’s culture and systems.”

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