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Published: March 24, 2022

 The Jakob Müller Group covers a large part of “Smart Production” and makes a major contribution to making the process chain even more efficient and sustainable.

Any solution in Jakob Müller Group’s digital portfolio is clearly focusing on customer benefit. In this context mymueller® – the Jakob Müller Group’s customer portal plays an important role. The mymueller® customer portal provides access to company-specific information, know-how, services and license products – online – around the clock – worldwide. mymueller® displays the customer’s machine park on desktop computers, smartphones or tablets. In addition, operating instructions and spare parts catalogues can be called up and spare parts orders can be triggered. All in all, a “carefree package”, which is constantly extended with additional services and products for the worldwide customer base.

One of the latest products out of Jakob Müller Group’s license product portfolio is the browser-based data acquisition and management software mymuenet®. Today’s market environment requires flexible, fast and secure exchange and access to data at all company levels – worldwide. The production data management plays an important role here. In this context Jakob Müller Group is providing a browser-based solution. The mymuenet® production data acquisition and management system with direct access to the machine controls offers a unique data monitoring, communication and exchange in a global framework. Furthermore designs, which are being created by Jakob Müller Group’s design software MÜCAD can be transferred through mymuenet® to machines in any location worldwide.

Digitalisation however does not only refer to software solutions, but also applies on end products in the field of Smart Textiles. For this constantly growing market Jakob Müller Group is providing specific machine technology for processing i.e., conductive yarns for various applications with digital features like humidity measurement, integrated solar cells and many others.

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