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Designers Utilize Their Sewing Skills to Support Combat Soldiers

Published: October 23, 2023

With the country entering war mode, a volunteer army of 400 fashion designers, design students, Shenkar lecturers, graduates, and one fashion journalist have been signing up for four- and five-hour shifts each day.

Their mission? Designing, cutting, sewing, and stitching the myriad functional pockets, tabs, and straps that get attached to the ceramic bulletproof vests worn by combat soldiers.

The sewing workshops at Tel Aviv’s Shenkar and Jerusalem’s Bezalel Academy of Art and Design have become manufacturing lines, churning out essential gear for the army. The aim is to have reservists be as prepared as possible, with the work including sewing grenade pockets, tabs, headlamp attachments, and more.

Each sewing workshop around the country receives its assignment from army units in need, and the volunteers work tirelessly to create the necessary items. Donations are accepted to buy supplies, ensuring the work continues.

Designer Oz Zechovoy has taken his experience from his army service and turned it into a new kind of tactical vest for combat soldiers. Teaming up with Havie Design Studio, they have created a workshop with volunteers, industrial designers, and others to ensure reserve fighters have custom-made gear suited to their needs.

In this time of crisis, these designers have put fashion aside and embraced their creative skills to support the soldiers on the frontlines. Their dedication and ingenuity are making a significant impact in keeping the troops well-equipped and prepared for combat.

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