With the improvement of people’s living standard, people is also rising luxury and comfortable demand to the clothing, which increases role of fabric softener. It can impart the fabric with soft, comfortable hand feeling, improve the quality of the fabric and the additional value.Fiber is made into textile after spinning, spinning, weaving, finishing process. In the process,wax and grease included in natural fiber are removed, and the increasing quantity on synthetic fiber causes the fiber rough hand feeling. In order to make fabric maintain lasting smooth,soft effect, improve the cutting and sewing process efficiency , a small amount of fabric softener can be used to adsorb on the fiber ,by this way ,can reduce the friction on the fabric surface, which make latter have elastic, soft and smooth touching feeling.

In our life, the fabric softener has a very wide range of applications. With the improvement of products processing ,its function is now more and more important.Its function is not only in imparting fiber fabric with fluffy, soft and smooth style.Different softener with different processing have different products quality.First of all, need to have very good affinity to fiber, only good absorption can reflect good hand feeling in the effect,this is beyond doubt. The second point is the performance of the fibers after finishing, in addition to the necessary soft and comfortable feel, the color of the fiber, performance, etc., that can’t be changed still need to remain the same, this is very important. So it is very necessary to choose different fabric softener according to fiber different soft requirement.

Textile agents that can improve the smoothness is also called softener in a broad sense, but oil is not persistent, so it cannot be used for fabric and clothing finishing. Softener agent for textile finishing require to have good washable property on the fabric in order to obtain lasting soft effect.Fabric softener on the basis of oil can make fiber more durable hydrophilic ,moisture perspiration, anti static, easy to remove soil property. Seemingly simple textile softener agent includes a lot of learning. You will not know until you have a deeper understanding that you will know textile finishing soft is not only limited to “soft”.

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Author: Ramgsutra