Fabric Report by Mr. Kiri Shah from “Textile World”.

What are the current fabrics or verities in the market?

Rayon is the most saleable fabric in the market. At present 60-80% of the demand in the market is for Rayon fabric. There is more demand for Rayon fabric in 38 & 63 widths.

Prices for grey fabric is reduced by 15% and for Yarns, it is reduced by 20%

When the market will start?

No exports for fabrics are done amid COVID-19 pandemic and due to which the Textile Industry is suffering a lot. Also, the local market is having less scope to cover the loss. As in the town-side market, only 10-12 shops are working as there is no staff available. All persons who were employed as salesman, hamal, fabric dealers or agents have moved to their native places and there is less chances for them to come back on the job. The non-availability of proper transportation and courier services is again the other factor that affected a lot to the fabric market. Only Blue Dart courier service is working. Under heavy rainfall and flood parcels are getting spoiled resulting in a further loss for textile dealers.

Customer flow is from local areas only as the local trains and other public transportations are not available long-distance customers are not expected in the current scenario of pandemic and the sellers are find it difficult to meet the day-to-day business expenses.

Fabric markets such as Swadeshi market and the Mangaldas market at Kalbadevi hardly 60 shops are operating. Even though there is no restriction on entry in this market customers are not entering the market under the fear of coronavirus. Very few customers are visiting the shops for rakhi or some essential function shopping. Loss in business is forcing the vendor’s to close the shops as most of them are finding it difficult to pay the rent. 40-50% of venders have shut down the shops and most of the operating shops are paying 50% of the rent. May seller is operating from their warehouse in Bhiwandi as they have closed the shops

What will be the future of the fabric industry?

Till December there is no scope for market to set back or recover. Future growth of the fabric industry is possible only when the actual situation becomes normal.

The decline in exports resulted in loss of Export House. Level of unemployment is an increase in textile industries as approx. 80% of the staff is removed by an export house.

Even the non-operating of Malls under social distancing rule is another reason for decline of the textile industry.

In Ahmadabad, which is called a hub of the textile industry, currently on 25-30% of market is under operation till 4 or 5 pm. In the Calcutta market also 30-40% shops are opened between 12- 2 pm.

Survival in the textile business in current situation is the biggest issue for dealers. Since lockdown shops are closed in Keval Industries Estate in Lower Parel. May shops are closed down. Only 50% shops are operating and with the condition of paying only 50% of rent.

What is the future of fashion?

No business is expected in current and in future for the textile industry.

The Running Quality List

107X07/68X38635209625391OE X OEDRILL93
210X06/76X28635209515322OE X OEDUCK77
310X10/68X38635209435272OE X OEDRILL73
410X10/40X36635208310194OE X OEPLAIN54
516X08/84X28475209270226OE X OEDUCK44
616X08/84X28635209362226OE X OEDUCK59
716X12/84X26475208232194OE X OEDUCK40
816X12/84X26635208310194OE X OEDUCK54
916X12/96X48635209415259OE X OEDRILL70
1016X12/108X56635209470294OE X OEDRILL81
1116X16/60X56635208295184OE X OEPLAIN54
122/20X10/40X36485208236194OE X OEPLAIN42
132/20X10/40X36635208310194OE X OEPLAIN56
142/20X10/40X36675208330194OE X OEPLAIN58
1520X20/52X48675208218128OE X OEPLAIN41
1620X20/60X50635208225141OE X OEPLAIN43
1720X20/60X60505208194153OE X OEPLAIN39
1820X20/60X60635208245153OE X OEPLAIN47
1920X20/60X60675208260153OE X OEPLAIN49
2020X20/60X60725208280153OE X OEPLAIN54
2120X20/60X60785208304153OE X OEPLAIN59
2220X16/108X56635209355222OE X OEDRILL63
2320X20/108X56635209330206OE X OEDRILL59