Techtextil North America comes back to Raleigh, North Carolina August 23-25, 2021, introducing brand new changes and manufacturing answers for the technical textiles and nonwoven industries. Guests will get an opportunity to supply production technology, equipment, and fabric merchandise starting from high-tech fibers, occasional clothing fabrics, and stylish textiles to composites and nonwovens.

Additionally, this year’s outcome will see developed product groups via the union of new pavilions:

Textile Care Pavilion

The latest Textile Care Pavilion, operated by the Clean Show, will unveil the brand new merchandise & automation for the fabric care quarter– from care to completing to after-retail care. The Textile Care Pavilion will incorporate inventive  by-products & services in the following sections:

1.Washing/drying equipment

2.Water technology/utilities/power saving

3.Green product technology

4.Agents and structures for the cleaning, finishing, and disinfection of textiles

5.Logistics and fabric flow