At ITMA ASIA 2018, KARL MAYER launched its own digital brand, KM.ON, the associated digital product portfolio with eight categories, and the first solutions. Other offers will follow just in time for the next ITMA in Barcelona.

So k.production is launching its first product. This new digital tool enables any disruptions in production to be managed efficiently. Main advantages: Any problems can be dealt with quickly, and the root cause can be tackled rapidly by displaying the relevant sequence. enables the current production process to be viewed remotely and now includes a greater range of parameters. The key performance indicator, warp beam running time, is a new feature. It provides information quickly and clearly on imminent beam changes, and thus contributes to reducing downtimes and maintenance times.

The new features in the k.maintenance system focus on the topic of planned maintenance. With specified maintenance plans and active reminders of pending jobs, this tool should help to minimise the risk of machine breakdowns.

The k.innovation covers the first software developments, which will enable customers to shorten their time-to-market considerably by adapting their workflows and processes. For example, the software is not installed in situ but is used via a browser. This enables several users to cooperate.

The key for accessing all the KM.ON solutions, k.ey, has also been upgraded. It also enables KARL MAYER’s older machines, equipped with KAMCOS® 1, to be integrated as well as machines belonging to the Warp Preparation Business Unit.