Nalla Vijay, a weaver from Sircilla Town, Telangana has made the headlines for making an exotic silk saree that spreads fragrance naturally, showing his natural creativity.

He had earlier risen to fame for making a saree that fits into a matchbox and also for making sarees out of banana and lotus stem fibres. This naturally fragrant saree was woven by him on a powerloom in four days, using various natural aromatic substances. He is following his father, NallaParandhamulu’s footsteps, who was also a legendary weaver and brought fame to the town in 1980s and 90s.

He said that he used ‘SugandhaDravyalu’ including 27 types of aromatic substances derived from Sri Gandham (Sandalwood), PachhaKarpuram, Jasmine flowers, rose petals and other natural ingredients for dyeing silk yarn in making the fragrant silk saree. He further said that he spent Rs 12,000 in making the exotic silk saree, which spreads natural aroma. The specialty of this saree is that it retains its fragrance for around one year and is ideal to be worn on special occasions.