During Recycle Week, evian unveiled a new recycled plastic (rPET, or recycled polyethylene terephthalate) prototype container that employs cutting-edge technologies from clean technology firm Loop Industries (NASDAQ:LOOP). This is a big step forward in evian’s circularity journey, which will see the company speed the transition to 100 percent * recycled plastic in all of its plastic bottles by 2025.
evian has teamed up with Loop Industries to launch ‘evian Loop’, a new technology that allows PET plastics to be recycled endlessly into virgin-like PET plastic. The process uses ground-breaking technology to break down plastic into its base building blocks, or monomers. This innovative technology allows more plastic to be kept in use, reduces reliance on fossil fuels and avoids the creation of new plastic. Loop Industries has completed a small-scale production facility in Terrebonne Quebec, Canada, producing commercial volumes of PET resin for global brand companies. This is the first commercial production of bottles made entirely from Loop branded PET resin using 100% recycled content. This announcement follows a number of product innovations from evian as part of its circularity journey, including Label Free, Bottles made from Bottles, and (re)new.
evian’s partnership with Loop Industries spans four years, during which time Loop worked diligently on perfecting its technology for commercial production on a global scale. The partnership will see this pioneering technology rolled out across markets beginning in 2022. This will allow evian to recycle and repurpose more and more existing plastic waste, bringing them one step closer to their 2025 circularity objective.