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Ever-Growing Opportunities For Technical Textiles In India

Published: November 23, 2023

Navin Agarwal ATE

Senior VP, Textile Engineering, ATE

We have a formidable presence in the textile value chain including technical textiles. We represent Karl Mayer and we have an association of over 70 years. We supply a state-of-art, high tensile, sectional warping which is used for geogrids and conveyor belts. 

Our main products include warp-knitting. We have a considerable share in the Indian market and we are getting continuous orders for technical textiles. The government is also supporting technical textiles. We have a considerable share in the Indian market and we also have a good share in the exports. 

Many companies try to source from India and hence, we have good prospects and opportunities. We also try to provide solutions for coatings in technical textiles. With schemes like NTTM, PLI and PM MITRA we have many chances for growth.

The government has come up with the PLI scheme. It is a production-performance scheme that will directly increase the production of technical textiles and man-made fibres in India. 

This is a very good scheme; the scale is very high and the investment is also high and it will fuel the growth of technical textiles in India along with other schemes. It will bring good business for us also in the technical textiles sector.

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