Mr. Mukesh Sharma, Director, Tanya Enterprises talked about the company and how their production system works in an exclusive interview with Textile Value Chain at India ITME 2022 

Can you tell us about your company?

We have established in 1996, this company is almost 37 years old. We import all textile related products from China, and we have a manufacturing unit in India. We have offices in Kolkata, Delhi and Ludhiana. Here we do lot of innovative activities, printers we are importing, and we are manufacturing here. 

What are your key products and what makes them different from other competitors?

The main products are DTM, which means direct to media, you print on CMYK with fluorescent colours and make the stickers. And these stickers can paste on the T-shirts. Not only T-shirts. But you can use these stickers on any surface, not only for smooth surface, but even for the hard surface also. So, these are for multipurpose cause. We have sold more than 500 printers all over India. And this, you can see there are colours printing this with the nine different CMYK colours and with new colours you can see the quality. 

You can see the speed of machine, which is around 15 sq. m. per hour. It’ll give you all colours here. You can use the fluorescent settings also, the fluorescent, most of the people don’t use, but these are for specialised products. 

Miss Disha Sharma from the company also gave the tour about the DTF printing machine in the stall of Tanya Enterprises.

DTF printing machine, it comes with three heads, which is CMYK, white and neon. So, it’s a very easy process. You need to heat transfer these stickers. In order to transfer these and make the designs, you need to make a file. You can make file in any particular software, coral, Photoshop or anywhere. And then when the file is made with the help of the printer software that is print XP software, you can print these stickers directly.

So once the sticker is ready, you can just, with the help of heat press machine, you can transfer it or you can keep the temperature 1520 – 1600 for 10 to 15 seconds and you are ready. Sticker comes out on any apparel or Denims anywhere, and the best part is it makes it more unique because you can print it on any fabric, let it be polyester, pure cotton or denims.