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Hybrid Events are Here to Stay: Future and Scope

Published: January 12, 2022


Since, Covid-19 outbreak, everything has transformed. Though the world has started to recover, nothing will remain the same in the post-pandemic world from workplace activities and our content consumption to how we engage in events. Apart from all the difficulties, it gave us some important business lessons. For starters, it showed us that not everything has to be done in person.

During this challenging period, we have modified our contact with others by doing online meetings and conferences. Event planners have made significant strides to move live events to the virtual sphere. Once the pandemic is over, the dilemma of if we will return to normal face-to-face contacts or whether virtual events will become permanent. We already have a clear idea of what will happen as a result of the current relaxation of the Covid regulations.

Several virtual conferencing providers have opted to push into what is going to be the future – Hybrid Events. This approach, which combines live as well as digital participation, offers substantial benefits that make it ideal for both environments.

The advantages of virtual and hybrid events extend beyond logistics. Several businesses, event organizers, and marketers are discovering that there are major advantages to holding digital events that traditional events do not offer. According to the latest Grand View Research analysis, the worldwide virtual events industry is predicted to increase by 23% from 2020 to 2027.

What are Hybrid Events?

Hybrid events are the ones that mix a live event with a virtual system, such as an exhibition, conference, workshop, seminar, or another gathering.

A Hybrid Event is –

  • Smooth incorporation of technology to allow engagement from both live and digital viewers.
  • An experience that serves all spectators in a viewer-friendly manner.
  • Bringing both virtual and live viewers on the same field.

The following are the reasons why Hybrid Events are here to stay –

  • Broader outreach and greater participation

An event may reach a vast number of participants by incorporating both a live audience and a digital audience through hybrid events. An in-person event may impose constraints on the capacity of the venue and the number of individuals who can participate. With hybrid events, you can get the same or even more participation virtually as you have physically. In this manner, you may broaden your audience and fully utilize the capacity of your event. Furthermore, this approach allows participants who are unable to physically visit the events at various places to participate remotely through a digital platform. Guests from all around the globe can digitally attend the event from the comfort of their homes, which would not have been possible otherwise.

  • Greater audience engagement

Including a virtual component in a live event allows far more interaction chances than a simple live event, both during and after the event.

It’s due to the fact that the digital audience is constantly interacting from their mobile phones or desktops or laptops, which means they may discuss, share, like, remark, and do a variety of other things.

You can, for instance, hold polls in events that comprise both a life and an online audience.

Alternatively, you may hold a live Q&A session with a speaker, then ask them for a Q&A session with the virtual audience, which is often held at a studio that transmits the live event.

  • Coordinators and participants benefit from the cost-effectiveness

Online events democratize thought leadership by eliminating the transportation and in-person barriers that prevent people from accessing content. Exhibitor stalls have a prolonged shelf in digital and hybrid events since they can remain active even after the event has concluded, increasing revenue potential. It will assist organizers in replicating events or scheduling new events as needed; with the foundation already in place, less expenditure will be required and more income will be generated.

  • Additional Possibilities for Sponsorships

Hybrid events will increase sponsorship possibilities for a number of reasons. Because of the enhanced reach of joining remotely, there will be even more attendance, allowing sponsors to access a broader audience. Sponsors will be able to participate in the event as well by establishing digital event stalls and finally presenting through video conference. Furthermore, because of the virtual element of the event, a hybrid event enables you to get more sponsors than those for the event venue.

  • Reduction of Carbon Emissions

This is an undeniable reason. Embracing online or hybrid is a great alternative if your company wants to minimize its carbon emissions and become more environment-friendly. You can keep your event’s authenticity including all the advantages of interacting with others while being mindful of the influence you’re making on the earth.

According to a recent study, adopting virtual will lower your Co2 emissions by more than 99 percent. If you convert some or most of your guests to a digital platform, you will save Co2 emissions by reducing transportation, food, and beverage waste.

  • Improved Content Quality

When event organizers aren’t preoccupied with the complexities of arranging an event for huge numbers of people, they have far more time and effort to devote to selecting the best quality content and output level for presentations and guest speakers. By reducing the number of in-person guests, organizers will be able to concentrate on quality rather than quantity.

  • Enhanced ROI (ROI)

With all of the moving parts, calculating ROI at events is difficult. Hybrid events, on the other hand, provide a higher return on investment, owing mostly to their enhanced outreach and adaptability.

Since your hybrid events are attracting larger individuals, this can lead to even more visits for sponsors and more sign-ups following the event. You also gain a huge amount of data, which allows you to deliver more precise performance reports.

  • Event’s adaptability

Finally, hybrid events have the ability to solve problems. If you’re planning a live event and are unable to attend due to unforeseen situations, hybrid events can help! It is natural to experience unexpected setbacks, and there are a variety of scenarios in which hybrid events may come to the aid. For example, the Covid restrictions have recently changed rather unexpectedly, making it incredibly impossible for a person to ensure their attendance. You always have a backup plan when you’re attending or organizing a hybrid event! You’ll be able to convert part of the live participants to virtual ones. As a result, canceling the event and incurring additional financial expenses will not be necessary.

The opportunities for hybrid events are infinite, and they may provide an exciting and one-of-a-kind event experience. Technical advancements in recent years, such as worldwide internet services that enable live-streaming everywhere, have blurred the distinction between the physical and technical world. Take advantage of this! Hybrid events provide the opportunity for a more enhanced meeting experience than ever before.

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