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Published: November 19, 2022

After pandemic and in the volatile textile value chain period, INDIA ITME 2022 is being organized. It is
need of the hour to understand the present market dynamics through one to one contact which will
happen only in the exhibition like ITME where customers all around the globe will visit. Hence we are
happy as a part of INDIA ITME 2022.
As usual we are exhibiting our new products along with our existing products as well in the field of fibre,
yarn and fabric testing & online monitoring system.
Following instruments will be exhibited for spinning quality assessment, HVT Genius 2 – Newly
developed fully automatic comprehensive high volume fibre testing to measure all the fibre quality, UH
Expert 2020 – For yarn evenness measurement with auto cop feeding, TensoMaster – For assessing
single yarn strength & RKM of yarn with auto feeding and H Expert – Standalone hairiness (S3)
measuring instrument.
LaboDyer R24 – Lab dyeing system with infra red heating source, DigiBurst – Measure the bursting
strength of fabric, NanoVision Lite – Colour matching cabinet with different light sources, UniStretch
3D – Universal strength tester to test fabric tensile strength, tear strength , stretch & recovery
properties etc., WashFast 2D – For measuring colour fastness against washing, WashDurator – Print
durability tester and DigiMoist XT – To measure moisture content of textiles are lined up to fulfill the
complete testing requirements of weaving & processing house.
Though we are supplying spindle monitoring system regularly in the market for the past 5 to 6 years and
running more than 2 million spindles not only in India but also in abroad, now we are launching with
newer technology (Optical Sensor) – SPinFO Opt. Based on the market need, we are also coming up with
fabric inspection system – FabQ which will be displayed in the exhibition.
We look forward to meet valued customers in the exhibition at Stall no H10 / E11 and Stall no H5 / J2.

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