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Women in Textiles Conference by Advanced Textiles Association (ATA) Continues To Expand, Inspire, and Empower

Published: March 25, 2023

The summit’s attendance has roughly doubled since its first iteration in 2019, which took place March 1-3 in Charleston, South Carolina. For the most recent event, about 120 textile professionals came together to network, learn from, and be inspired by colleagues who have gone through similar experiences and travels in a traditionally male-dominated industrial sector. With a variety of networking opportunities and activities, these women were able to share their experiences, learn about different routes to success, and hear from inspiring speakers who delivered topical, pertinent messages.

The unusual gathering included receptions, dinners, history and ghost walks, and a morning Mentor Walk & Talk through Charleston’s historic streets. It also offered fascinating presentations, plain interaction, and opportunity to make connections during business sessions. The summit did, in fact, offer a stage for advancement and leadership for These women are looking for connection, empowerment, and growth. The discussion focused on the role that women play in their organisations’ and the industry’s overall success.

The conference also featured interesting roundtable talks where participants got to know one another better and discussed the problems they are facing. Supply Chain, Increasing Motivation and Engagement, Time Management, Mental Health & Wellness Advocacy in the Workplace, CRM Systems & Marketing Automation, and other topics were covered.

The “ABCs of Workplace Success” were offered by Robin Ritz, creative visionary and owner of InCord, Colchester, Connecticut, with A standing for authenticity, B for boldness, and C for communication. She looked at useful tips for reaching fulfilment and prosperity without sacrificing one’s morals or ideals. She gave instructions on how participants may “show up” for themselves and develop dependable connections with others. The Discussion featured worksheets, opportunities for group engagement and self-reflection, and a call to self-examination.

According to Hilary Walker, lead material innovator at Nike, “the summit was a wonderful opportunity to engage with women from all sides of the industry.” We could talk about issues and potential solutions as well as past experiences and upcoming projects in a very welcome and cooperative environment. Meeting mentors and making new friends at the summit was a fantastic experience.


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