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Knit Fair To Be Held In Tiruppur From March 22nd

Published: March 16, 2023

The 49th iteration of the international exhibition India Knit Fair, organised by the India Knitwear Association, will take place in Tiruppur from March 22 to 24.

The Association’s chairman, A. Sakthivel, told reporters on Monday that this year’s event’s theme is “Sustainability and Come and Discover MMF Potential.” A total of over 70 exhibitors will present their goods in stalls totaling 14,000 square feet, and close to 150 sourcing and liaison consultants will attend the event.

The India Knit Fair Association has partnered with a number of sourcing and buying organisations, and has extended an invitation to their members. Under COVID, buyers are mostly procuring through local sourcing offices and brokers. As a result, the Association has contacted them through the organisations it has ties to. he said, a year. Some of the foreign customers have expressed interest in attending the fair as well. Japan’s Nissenken Quality Evaluation will take part in the show and provide the market with recommendations to help it fulfil the demands of Japanese consumers.

In addition to these, initiatives are being undertaken to raise exporters’ awareness of clothing manufactured of synthetic materials in Tiruppur. Fashion forecast seminars and fashion presentations will also be place as part of the three-day event, he said.

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