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CII 8th Big Picture Summit 2019 “Create, Connect, Converge for Transformational Growth” 14 -15 November 2019, New Delhi

Published: November 2, 2019

Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is organizing the 8th edition of its annual flagship event of Media & Entertainment sector, the “Big Picture Summit”, with the theme “Create, Connect, Converge for Transformational Growth” from 14-15 November 2019 in New Delhi. 

The Big Picture Summit is the Flagship Summit and leadership forum of M&E Industry and brings together M&E Industry, think tank, Policy Makers as well as internationally renowned experts on one platform to navigate a successful growth path at a time when digital transformation, convergence of technology, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain are changing the rules of the game.

Please Find below the session details for your kind reference.

v  Transformative Policies in Action 2.0

v  Innovate & Disrupt – Next decade Roadmap from M&E leadership

v  OTT+: Transformations & Innovations; Evolving Business Models

v  TALK on the Lion King along the lines of India’s arrival on the global stage in VFX and CG production

v  Session – Changing Narratives of Indian Cinema

v  Media as a Catalyst for Changing the Narrative of Sports in India

v  TECH Talk: Innovations & Tech contributing to M&E sector & services

v  Audio-Visual M&E services are recognized as a Champion Sector

v  Marrying IP into the growth of the M&E sector

v  Art of Story Telling’ – Emerging Soft Power

v  Transition to Digital Journalism: addressing the changing dynamics with increasing digitalization & growth opportunities

v  ‘Ease of Doing Business to leverage India as an all in one Destination to Make Films

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