Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) have completed an eventful week the ‘Made in Bangladesh Week 2022’ during 12-18 November. The first ever mega event was inaugurated by Honourable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on 13 November. The objective of the event was to portray the picture of the RMG industry’s transformation to sustainability and to draw a global strategic alignment of the crucial stakeholders globally to build the required capacity of the industry.

One such significant moment of the ‘Made in Bangladesh Week 2022’ was the ‘Global Launching of BGMEA Centre of innovation, efficiency and OSH’ on 18 November 2022. Honourable Commerce Minister Mr. Tipu Munshi, MP opened the canter and was present at the ceremony as the Chief Guest.

The world is moving fast as technology revolution disrupts our personal and professional lives; manufacturing is being significantly affected. For example – technology like a simple IoT device can create a great impact to ensure resource efficiency. What we need now is to ensure adequate capable and skilled manpower with the proper knowledge and efficiency to deal with these technologies.

The objective of the canter is to find out the areas where Bangladesh’s RMG sector lags behind industry best practices and standards in terms of product development, efficiency, use of technologies, and process upgradation, environmental sustainability and social innovation. The Centre will be an exchange hub of industry-wide best practices as it endeavours to disseminate knowledge to beneficiary groups continuously.

During the launching program of the CIEOSH, BGMEA signed two Memorandum of Understandings (MOU) – one with EPIC Group and the other one with Tonello S.r.l (a garment finishing Technology Company).The objective of both MoU is to better utilize the facility of the CIEOSH to facilitate knowledge within the industry.  

As we have a bigger growth vision ahead, technology and innovation will be a crucial part of the next stage of our industrialization with regard to sustainability, competitiveness and creating decent employment. While the CIEOSH remains committed to serve the industry to prepare for the excellence in technology, product development, process, innovation and management.

The success of the Centre greatly depends on how much the industry, particularly individual factories, engage with it. The involvement is not only about attending training and workshops, but also to volunteer through sharing success stories and best practices.