Eurojersey, a technical jersey fabrics leader with its line of Sensitive Fabrics and Estethia GB Conte, a company into wool fabrics, have combined technical and high performing characteristics to create a functional and contemporary look. In the new project called Travel Wooling, Sensitive Fabrics are bonded with Wool+ to create outfits for urban lifestyle.
In the Travel Wooling textile collection, the wool fabrics of the innovative Wool+ collection presented by Estethia GBConte highlight the natural performance of wool fibres such as breathability, the ability to regulate temperature, water-repellence and resilience, with a particular attention to comfort and style which, added to the distinctive characteristics of Sensitive Fabrics, further enhance an excellent fit and ensure superb comfort throughout the day.

The high-performing technical features of the Travel Wooling concept also satisfy the requirement of the latest trends with a particular focus on sustainability and traceability, with both companies being strongly oriented towards sustainable innovation.