The Company report explains the measures put in place to minimize the negative and maximize positive effects of the supply chain, as well as the outcomes accomplished with dedication and pleasure.
According to Eurojersey, it has always been committed to sustainability, striving to improve the supply chain of its Sensitive Fabrics by optimising processes and resource usage. A challenge that began in 2007 with the implementation of the Sensitive EcoSystem programme, a holistic vision in the selection of measures designed to reduce the use of water, energy, chemicals, and the production of emissions and waste, triggering a series of commendable behaviours ranging from accountability to a sense of obligation that have affected on every aspect of business life. Eurojersey is a textile company that has decided to preserve every part of its entire process of production in Italy, from knitting to dyeing, and from finishing to printing, while managing the process’s environmental, social, and experiencing growth.

With its first Footprint Report, the organization describes the perspective that has guided its sustainability initiative, focusing on the year 2020, which will be marked by an enormous economic and, most importantly, health catastrophe. Despite the epidemic, Eurojersey has managed to place environmental, social, and human responsibility at the centre of its approach. Eurojersey’s Footprint Report 2020 communicates the company’s ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) footprint in a simple and direct manner, with an emphasis on green elements and the primary implementation plans applied to alleviate the adverse effects associated with the manufacturing process while trying to maximize the positive ones.
The obtained results through the Sensitive EcoSystem programme and reported in the Footprint Report are designed to serve as an open invite and a stimulus to create an open dialogue and collaboration with all bodies and individuals with whom the Company works on these issues in order to create greater sense of community.

Manali bhanushali
Author: Manali bhanushali

Manali Bhanushali