After foraying in the Indian Market, Italian luxury brand, Moda Biella launched its Winter Collection with its unequivocal journey from fleece to fashion: merino sheep to sartorial suit. The latest collection integrally focuses on exquisiteness in its fabrics.

As a brand, Moda Biella entrusts using only the best quality comfort fabric, woven with natural fibres that have a rich lustre, that look impeccable, that feel comfortable and that stand out in comparison to other fabrics available in the market.

Over the years, farmers, graziers, spinners, weaver and tailors have evolved and developed their methods of obtaining the protective hair or fleece from sheep, camels and goats. Natural fibers such as Merino Wool, Cashmere, etc. prove to be pre-eminent when compared with man-made fibers like, polyester, poly/viscose amongst others.

Moda Biella Merino wool is a renewable natural resource – hailing from the finest flocks in Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania, that’s ecologically sound and nature-friendly.

Other natural ‘noble’ fibres in the Moda Biella collection include cashmere, silk, linen and cotton. The natural fibre, merino wool goes through the process of spinning, weaving the cloth, finishing, garment-making to The Suit. Each process is distinctive yet significant.

The making of the cloth is dependent upon the merino wool quality, the yarn thickness and twist, and the fabric weave and finish. The extra fine quality of merino wool creates superfine cloth qualities, ideal for men’s suiting, jacket and trouser tailoring. The style, touch, lustre and shape of a Merino wool suit will leave you awestruck in terms of comfort and appearance.

Speaking about the creation of fabric for MODA BIELLA, Mr. Vikram Mahaldar, MD & CEO, OCM says, “We have produced high-quality fabrics from finest merino wool microns. Our endeavour is to provide fabrics which have the best feel, finish and drape; to satisfy our discerning customers who look for sophistication and deserve a world-class product.”

The technique of garment has evolved over the years, and in the 20th century Merino wool garments are amongst one of the most refined, smoother, smarter, more luxurious texture of fabric with expert interpretation of seasonal trends. The sartorial styling and elegance from Moda Biella in Italy is no longer only an aspiration.

Tailoring the quintessential suit is Moda Biella’s paramount focus. The knowledge and the art of the master tailoring, cutting and sewing cloth, are the two basic aspects of constructing suits from a pattern, developed slowly and gradually in Europe between the 12th and the 14th centuries. Moda Biella Extra-fine Merino Wool is one of the most luxurious fabrics in the World concentrating their efforts on consumer satisfaction over all other aspects.

Malcolm Campbell, European Advisor – Moda Biella adds, “There are some fibers that look good, feel good, and make the wearer feel special…there are others that do not. Moda Biella uses only the best natural fibers, and blends them in to intricate combinations to create a well-designed, beautifully finished and wonderfully comfortable collection of cloths.” 

Moda Biella – The Heritage of Luxury.


MODA BIELLA has been a revered brand in Italy for many years. The fabrics are truly top notch- with superfine exotic fibers to produce a remarkable array of superfine cloths. With a line-up of finely designed fabrics, this brand is not only deep-rooted to its heritage of making world class fabrics but also excels in technical innovation, and outstanding color and design features.

About OCM:

OCM, one of India’s largest fabric manufacturers, forays into the Indian market with the launch of Italy’s luxurious heritage fashion brand – “MODA BIELLA”.

The Company has an extensive 37 acre complex that houses a new-age plant with an annual capacity of 8 million meters of fabric and an employee base of 1,900. The company’s ownership lies with the promoters of the Donear Group.

The product design function is at the forefront of global styling. Today, the Company has an extensive product range of high quality all-wool and wool-blended worsted fabrics.