According to Mohamed Abdel Salam, director of the Federation of Industries’ Chamber of Readymade Garments Industry, Egypt’s garment industry generates roughly LE 300 billion every year.
On the sidelines of the signing of a cooperation protocol between the Chamber of Garment Industry and the ready-made e-marketing company, Mohamed Abdel Salam confirmed that the ready-made garment industry is constantly developing, particularly after the decline in imports as a result of Decision No. 43 regarding the registration of factories supplied to the Egyptian market in the Export and Import Register.
He went on to say that this had a positive impact on the national manufacturers, which began to develop their products and make high-quality men’s and women’s apparel, as well as new styles that did not previously exist.
He stated that the Chamber strives to expand by creating such electronic platforms, which help to impose comprehensive control over all manufacturers showing their products, which helps to raise the quality of products and sell them at competitive costs, all of which benefits the consumer.