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Egypt is on a Mission to Rebrand Its Cotton as an Even More Superior Fiber

Published: June 22, 2018

The Cotton Egypt Association (CEA) has unveiled a new brand identity and digital platform to re-enforce Egyptian Cotton’s quality standing in the world.

Khaled Schuman, executive director of CEA, said, “We believe that everybody should experience the luxuriously soft touch of Egyptian Cotton. We want people of all ages, worldwide, to seek out its strength, softness and durability. It’s all about the personal human touch. Our sales and marketing partner, Salesworxs, created a powerful brand identity which reflects the brand’s heritage whilst educating our audience as to our core values.”

Salesworxs’ managing director, Richard Newman, said: “We know that a brand is a story that is always being told. It’s what people say about you when you’re not around. Egyptian Cotton is without question the world’s finest cotton. Our job is to ensure our global audience recognizes this when making purchasing decisions on relevant products such as home textiles and clothing.”

The rebrand is designed to increase consumer demand and retailer confidence and will support the CEA’s drive to rid the supply chain of falsely labeled Egyptian Cotton goods.

The CEA says on its website,, that it urges all its manufacturers to become accredited. “This is a simple process that ensures transparency and traceability,” the site notes. “By using the latest scientific technology, we can identify the genomic fingerprint of the cotton, conduct DNA tests and confirm that 100 percent of the fiber is genuine.”

CEA is a non-profit association established in 2005 with support from Egypt’s Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade. Its mission, working closely with local and international companies involved in the Egyptian Cotton supply chain, is to protect Egyptian Cotton’s legacy of luxury and help promote all Egyptian Cotton licensees and their products. CEA manages, markets, promotes, licenses and monitors the Egyptian Cotton logo and its licensees, and guarantees the authenticity of products licensed to use the logo. In addition to working with Egyptian Cotton growers and manufacturers, CEA has partnered with the various organizations to ensure adhesion to international labor, safety and trade standards.


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