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Edge Computing Is Popular Taiwan Excellence Protects Your Information Security

Published: October 8, 2020

Taiwan -Mumbai COVID-19 has changed many enterprises’ business models, and as the demand for cloud and virtual applications has greatly increased, information security has also become an issue that cannot be ignored. However, the scope of information security is quite broad, ranging from personal information on the Internet, home IoT devices,  encrypted transmission of business data to corporate secrets, and the threshold for understanding, adopting, and deploying such technologies is not low; thus, a complete detection system is required to help ensure information security.Fortunately, edge computing has developed rapidly in recent years, and artificial intelligence (AI) technology has been successfully embedded in various nodes of the Internet and terminal devices. The AI network protection system is no longer a privilege for information technology or large enterprises; instead, ordinary people have the opportunity to enjoy it at home. In response to the development of 5G, many enterprise-level systems are also focusing on cloud computing and real-time monitoring to control the flow of all information on the Intranet more accurately. This is not only a way to maintain normal operations, but also an important basis for measuring corporate information security today.

Taiwan Excellence follows the trend of edge computing to turn passive protection into active detection so as to provide a safer netcom environment. Zyxel’s AiShield, an enterprise-level information security defense solution can block malicious code and ransomware in the first place. In addition to the general functions of safe browsing and website filtering, it can help manage applications and detect signals of unknown intrusion. AiShield on other Zyxel router products can also provide IoT security protection when connected to home devices to prevent various home appliances and camera sensing data from being stolen. You can check AiShield on your mobile phone to directly control it from the users’ end so as to apply the capabilities of enterprise-level edge computing protection to daily life.

Zyxel’s SecuReporter, a cloud information security analysis solution, is an automatic network security protection system for the Intranet. It can accurately identify high-risk users or IP addresses with abnormal traffic, and prevent users from the addresses from spreading viruses or malicious programs to the entire Intranet. With the SecuReporter system established in a centralized manner, the Intranet at home and abroad can also be controlled centrally so as to reduce the quantity of hardware at each site, and the Intranet can be integrated into the mobile interface, so that an enterprise’s system management personnel can stay informed at any time.

As for the common problem of the records of network cameras being stolen, VIVOTEK’s security information management solution is integrated into its own video cameras with built-in anti-intrusion software. Each terminal and node has its own identification system to form a multi-layer protection net. Combined with VIVOTEK’s VAST 2, image management software, to control information security, in addition to the security monitoring of buildings and various agencies, it can be integrated with the POS or GIS systems to function as a powerful information security tracking tool for stores and traffic management. As such, it can not only take into account information security issues but meet various entities’ business needs.

With Taiwan’s developed netcom industry, information security concerns and products have attracted attention from all walks of life. From home network to professional control, as active protection is becoming more and more necessary, Taiwan Excellence has more information security products that have achieved important results under this trend.

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