ECOSENSOR™ by AKA is the cutting-edge fabric collection boosting responsible innovation with a new generation of performance


Harnessing AKA expertise in yarning a smarter future, the range focuses on sportswear, urban and athleisure fabrics. “It’s an energetic protein fitting perfectly in textiles for clothes with an active imprint, comfort touch and smooth style. From-yarn-to-dyeing and along the whole supply chain, the collection is 100% traceable” says Nishizawa Akira, President & Representative Director of Asahi Kasei Advance corporation.

Such goals were scored thanks to the renown expertise of Research & Development department and energized by constantly and strictly controlled processes that aim to save energy, water and Green House gases emissions. The result is a high-performative collection combining maximum comfort with durability and stretchability.

“Like a truly complete athlete, ECOSENSOR™ wins both during the sprint and all along its performance. Its outstanding light and stretch features match durability.”

Indeed, the flexible and multitasking range is not only the high-tech solution for sportswear, and outerwear – excellent stretch and high-performative features match the adventurous temperament of extreme explorers, while durability and resistance are the key features for outdoor activities – but it also embraces the casual and sporty mood of active urban surfers as well as that easy-to-wear attitude for a relaxing free-time at home.

Working with the best like-minded apparel partners, AKA has achieved unsurpassed active climate control materials. The unique high-tech and low-impact functionality has been designed to make a real, sustainable difference for a better future, a new range that delivers a hi-tech and sustainable performance fabrics that respects nature, the environment and the new contemporary consumer’s expectations for a future looking for truly smarter products.