Climatex is green, biodegradable, comfortable, and easily be personalized. It is a jacquard fabric with winning characteristics which, as its name suggests Climatex, which can perform climate control and keep temperatures and humidity constant.
This fabric is absorbing the humidity which gives off by a human body over time to time and then releases it back into the air when the person has left the chair. Climatex is particularly suited as upholstery for office chairs and sofas, in place of the usual plastic and leather covering.

Climatex jacquard fabric

Climatex is produced by Gessner AG- CH8820 Waedenswill, which has distinguished itself for its creativity and development in fashion and home fabrics for over 150 years. In the case of Climatex, a combination of two or three ecological, renewable fibers is what makes this fabric so special: – 
wool: a natural textile fiber 
Ramie: an an-allergic Asian shrub whose bark yields a textile fiber. Mostly Ramie, a rapidly renewable tropical herbaceous perennial in the nettle family used some 4000 years ago in Egypt, Climatex Life-cycle is completely biodegradable down to all of its chemical constituents. In addition, waste material is recycled during production.
Redesigned Lenzing FR – a naturally flame-retardant fiber derived from beech-wood cellulose
The treatment process for these fibers is also respectful of the environment and does not release toxic substances into the atmosphere. Climatex is Eco-friendly throughout its entire life-cycle: from production, to use, to disposal, which can occur through bio degradation.